Family Dentist

Oral hygiene is one of the most important things a person needs to consider in their day-to-day living. One of the first things people notice when they see you are your teeth. Having a good or bad set of teeth greatly determines your level of self-esteem and confidence so it is definitely worth investing your time and resources to ensure this is the case.

The best way to ensure your dental hygiene is always top notch will be choosing a family dentist. This is quite similar to getting a family physician. The main difference is that he or she is more concerned about your oral health, and they help to always ensure your teeth look their best at all times. Family dentistry aims at addressing the oral hygiene of all the members of the household. It especially targets children because their teeth differ from those of the adults.

A family dentist can relate better with children because they understand all the changes that occur in the teeth of a child, they can also accurately tell when the formation of permanent teeth would begin. In this article the benefits of having a family dentist will be extensively discussed. It is our hope that at the end of your reading you'd see why every family needs to have one.

Advantages of Having a Family Dentist

1. Convenient Appointments: Having a family dentist typically means that you don't necessarily have to check into a hospital when you need oral care. You will already have your dentist’s number so calling anytime to fix an appointment will be very easy and straightforward. Your dentist would also let you know the times they would be available and as such, there is never a conflict of interest. Having a family dentist also means you can have flexible appointments which is usually the case as most people would be working at their jobs during the daytime.

2. Total and Absolute Oral Care: The dentist has more time to spend with the family, this means there will be a comprehensive check-up on every member of the family. The dentist gives a more personalized type of care, and they advise the best course of treatment for various abnormalities and infections, in doing so diseases like cavities and tooth decay can be completely avoided and even caught in their early stages. They could even go as far as prescribing different toothpastes and medications customized for each member of the household. It's safe to say that your teeth will get a thorough job.

3. Customized Line of Treatment: As discussed earlier, having a family dentist ensures you and your family get the best course of treatment for any oral impediments. It greatly differs from when you have to go to a general hospital, and you're given a broad spectrum. Another plus is that you can easily know when a course of treatment isn't working and what the best alternative would be. This is especially important in children as their teeth are still going through the formative stage. Some patients have fears of telling just any random dentist their issues but having one just for the family means there is a familiar face around and you can rest easy knowing all oral problems will be addressed.

4. Dental Health and Hygiene Education: Another benefit is that you have someone who can inform the family on day-to-day oral care, the right type of paste to use for the teeth, and also the proper food one has to eat to keep the teeth healthy. When new innovations and technology come out, your dentist will always be the first to let you know about it. You could always check our website for all you need to know on the newest dental tech used in the world today.

5. Curbing Inherent Oral Issues: Having your own family dentist means you have someone who can identify problems that run in the family. Take for instance if there is a trend of tooth decay which the mother possesses and is also seen on one of the children, the dentist will be able to accurately identify the root of such an issue, the best solution and how to prevent a recurrence of such. Having your own dentist ensures early and preventive treatment which helps the child avoid some of the problems their parents faced. This would also save the family money that would have been spent on treating such issues in its later stage.

6. Developing Good Oral Habits: Getting a regular checkup from your dentist not only ensures your teeth remain in top condition but it also instills that culture in the children. Being so young they might not be able to grasp the full extent of having a family dentist but as time goes on and they get compliments from their peers about how nice their teeth look; they'll start to pay more attention to it and even pass it down to their own children. Habit is next to nature, therefore, a child that gets regular check-ups, x-rays and dental cleanings will make it a habit in the later stages of life.

7. Building Bonds with Someone You Can Trust: You can't really hide things relating to your oral health from your dentist not only because you'll be doing yourself a disfavor but also because it's virtually impossible, since the person is already going to be giving your family regular check-ups. It is ideal to have a good relationship with your dentist, it is also important to get one who you could trust. Having a trustworthy one means you'll always be abreast with the latest updates, and you have someone who always puts you and your family's health as their priority. Keeping the same dentist is also very important because switching means that you have to begin the whole process all over again and the new doctor will have to become familiarized with your family.


There is nothing like having your own family dentist, such as Dr. Eric Yao, especially for a family with young kids. If you’re searching for the best Shoreline dentist, contact our office today. The decisions you take now regarding their oral hygiene is something they'll have to live with for the rest of their lives, so it's best to take the right option in choosing the right one. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and feel confident that we can service every dental need for the entire family!