Whiter Teeth

Have gray or yellow streaks caused your white teeth to lose their natural glow? While numerous typical foods and beverages can discolor teeth, teeth stains can also develop as we age. Self-care techniques can assist in whitening teeth. Also, preventing things that discolor teeth can prevent additional stains.

Teeth whitening is a reasonably simple way to return your teeth' attractiveness. Professional teeth whitening is a famous cosmetic dentistry method typically without adverse effects and instantly whitens your teeth. For the most part, the procedure can be completed quickly and effortlessly in the dentist's office.

We are more than delighted to assist you with your dental transition so that shortly after, you will leave our Shoreline office showing your most radiant smile. To regain your dazzling smile, consider the following teeth-whitening options.

Whitening Your Teeth on Your Own

Although you might require the aid of our dentist in Shoreline, for severe stains, there are dental stains that you don't need our dentist to remove. To remove these stains by yourself, you can use a variety of do-it-yourself mouthwashes, kits, and toothpaste. Additionally, other conventional treatments are available for you to try.

Strips for At-Home Whitening

You can aid in the removal of tooth stains by using teeth-whitening strips. These undetectable, incredibly tiny strips are made of peroxide-containing whitening creams. In using strips, you have to wear them for one or more weeks. The outcome of using these strips becomes apparent within a few days, and the effect can extend for a year and more.

The American Dental Association explains that Crest 3d White Strips are so effective that they remove dental stains of up to 10 years. Although the outcome of using strips is less striking than using whitening kits, using strips is relatively easy and reliable.

Whitening Rinses and Toothpaste

A different set of tooth stain-removing items are gels, rinses, and toothpaste which can be gotten over the counter. Several of these products include small amounts of chemicals and light abrasives. They are advantageous over bleaches as they don't disrupt the average color of the teeth.

Home Techniques to Whiten Teeth

The time-tested DIY home method of softly whitening teeth with baking soda and a toothbrush is still prevalent. Also, certain foods like apples and carrots increase the release of saliva, which aids in washing off food particles from your teeth' surface. Chewing gum without sugar stimulates salivation while simultaneously cleaning the teeth. Saliva has the added benefit of neutralizing tooth cavity-causing acid. With the increase in saliva levels, your dental health should generally improve.

Dental Work

You should be careful about whitening your teeth if you have dental veneers, bridges, fillings, and other dental interventions. One reason for caution is that when you have teeth replacements like dental implants in place of your natural teeth, many professional teeth whitening options will not be able to whiten your artificial teeth. If teeth whiteners do not clean your teeth replacement (artificial teeth), consider having a new dental implant.

Avoiding Teeth Stains

Due to aging and other factors like intense tooth whitening techniques, the tooth's enamel erodes and gives rise to a yellower lower layer. After an initial teeth whitening procedure, it is essential to keep your teeth white so you don't continually undergo teeth whitening procedures.

If you are careful about not eating teeth-staining meals, you can sustain the result of your teeth-whitening process for as much as a year. However, if you whiten your teeth often, you may begin to discover that the white of your teeth is not as radiant as it should be.

Stop Smoking to Sustain Whiteness

In addition to being harmful to your dental health, smoking is a significant cause of tooth stains. For instance, the trough and crest of the enamel get brown discoloration from brown tobacco. By simply brushing, tobacco stains can be challenging to eliminate, and the staining intensity worsens with more smoking. Moreover, smoking raises your risk of developing most cancers and results in gum disease.

Teeth-Staining Food

Another justification for sensible eating is that some popular dishes can stain your teeth. One way to quickly determine if a meal can stain your teeth is to test if the food can discolor a white T-shirt made of cotton.

Dishes and drinks that affect cotton clothing in this manner, say coffee, can also stain your teeth. Other teeth-staining drinks are dark drinks and fruit juices. Meanwhile, even if you are cautious about your food, aging will naturally discolor your teeth.

Sports Drinks

A study reveals that while all sugary beverages cause harm to the teeth, some sports drinks have worse effects. Similarly, it is found that these potent sports beverages harm the teeth by wearing off the enamel even after you have taken the sports drink for a while.

The consequence is that the tooth thins, discolors, and ultimately weakens. Avoid consuming these beverages for extended periods to avoid the enamel-eroding impact of sports drinks. In addition, rinse your mouth after taking a sports or energy drink.

Keep Up with Your Daily Dental Routine

Brushing is one easy way to keep your teeth white. Particularly around the gum line, brushing helps to remove tooth discoloration. Try to brush for a minimum of two times daily, or better still, brush whenever you eat a meal.

While conventional toothbrushes are effective for removing plaque, you can try out the option of an electric toothbrush as it is more effective. Floss daily and reduce your oral microbial levels with antiseptic mouth rinses.

We Can Help You

Teeth whitening is one of the cosmetic dental procedures with growing demand; it is also one of our best Shoreline dentist’s services. With all the advantages of clean teeth, like preventing tooth loss and having a healthy smile, don’t delay your teeth whitening process.

Of course, everyone desires better employment opportunities, boosted happiness, and enhanced self-confidence. Having a radiant smile can draw you closer to these desires. Contact our Shoreline dentist if you have questions or use our online form to schedule a consultation.

Today's expert teeth whitening procedures enable you to improve your smile in only one dental appointment. Furthermore, teeth whitening is easy and more cost-effective than ever. Seek professional teeth whitening recommendations from our Shoreline dentist to enhance your dental health and oral outlook.