Dental Emergency

What to Do in a Dental Emergency?

Oral pain is one of the most unbearable forms of pain a human body can suffer. A serious dental emergency can quickly turn your life upside down in a minute. We can understand the restlessness whenever a person is on the verge of a dental emergency. The oral pain increases with time. Therefore, you must be wondering how to counter the emergency pain quickly.

Tooth problems are of various types, and every one of them has a different emergency response. However, you should remain calm and proactive to achieve results. We will highlight quick tips and tricks to deal with any oral emergencies. Here are the topmost things to do in a dental emergency.

Broken Tooth

Nothing can be worse than a broken tooth. The amount of pain in this kind of emergency is agonizing. Hence, the first thing you need to do is stay calm and composed. Next, grab your broken tooth and preserve it in a cup or glass. After that, use cotton to stop bleeding. Moreover, you need to immediately take "Advil," a maximum of two doses, to relieve the pain.

Similarly, we suggest you place a cold patch on the outer side of the mouth where you lost the tooth. It will anesthetize the spot of pain. Gradually, you will see that the unbearable pain will decrease in the next 10-15 minutes.

After all these emergency remedies, you must immediately contact your dentist. Furthermore, we remind you to make sure to take the broken tooth along with yourself.

Things Stuck Between Teeth

We may often experience a situation in which food particles get stuck in our teeth. One may recall it as more of an annoying experience rather than a painful one. We might not categorize it as a dental emergency. However, it may turn into a painful journey if left untreated.

Flossing is the ultimate and immediate solution to resolve this problem. A gentle touch of floss will help in removing the stuck food particles. Therefore, dentists recommend flossing teeth thrice a week. It helps clean the stuck particles and cleans the teeth.

Crack in A Tooth

Tooth weakness is part of oral diseases, and its harmful impacts increase gradually. In the later stages, the tooth may crack under these circumstances. It will cause a sheer amount of pain. Moreover, it exposes the tooth's sensitivity, and you will not enjoy food properly.

This dental emergency requires a proactive response to counter the pain. It is also probable that the dentist might not be available at the moment. Therefore, you have to help yourself at the very first moment. Firstly, you will need to take pain killers to relieve the pain temporarily.

Since the crack exposes the inner surface of the tooth, so, rinsing will cause more pain. Therefore, only use pain killer and place a warm cloth on the outer side of your mouth to contain the pain. Head over to your dentist as early as possible.


Tooth bleeding can be of different types and severity. If the blood comes from gums, it might not be an emergency. Bleeding of gums can be due to several causes. Professionals suggest you rinse your mouth with warm water. Furthermore, you may consult your dentist if the gum bleeding continues periodically.

However, things get serious if your saliva has blood in it. You cannot take it on a lighter note, and it may be the beginning of severe oral disease. Therefore, we recommend you immediately see your dentist if your saliva has blood more often.


Toothache is among the most common types of dental emergencies. It may vary from slight pain to a severe form of pain. However, one must consider toothache seriously, regardless of the pain. The immediate trick is to rinse your mouth with warm water and place a cold presser on the face where it is causing pain. It will ward off the pain gradually.

In severe pain scenarios, we recommend you take pain killers like Advil. Last but not least, make sure to visit your dentist to nip the problem in the bud.

Tooth Abscess

An abscess is an infectious oral disease that can cause a bundle of pain in a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, we know that it is impossible to eat or drink under the influence of this disease. An abscess is an infection that starts from the root of the tooth. With time, it affects the other teeth and the gums too.

Resultantly, your gums will swell, causing immense pain. Therefore, it is indeed an alarming sign to head for your dentist. It requires dental care for the proper treatment of this disease. However, you can lessen the immediate pain by rinsing with warm water. In this case, make sure to add salt in water since salt is a natural remedy for abscesses.

Partially Damaged Tooth

Accidents occur unexpectedly and may leave a never-changing mark in a person's life. Similar is the case when you partially damage your tooth in an accident. It will not just be painful, but it will also change how you look. However, with the advancement in medical science, there is a cure for every problem.

Before directly getting into the solution for this problem, we will tell you the few steps to take in this dental emergency. Firstly, you must preserve the partially broken piece of your tooth in a cup or a glass. The next step is to relive the pain, and for that purpose, you can take a pain killer. We will also suggest you place a cold press on your mouth. It will decrease the amount of pain significantly.

In the end, the ultimate and the most effective solution to this problem rests with your dentist. Therefore, you must not waste any time setting your appointment after taking these emergency remedial steps.

Why Should You Choose Us?

A serious dental emergency can be any of the scenarios mentioned above. However, every emergency varies according to the severity level. Some require urgent dental attention. On the other hand, some may need an appointment later on. Whatever the case may be, you will find yourself in a good position if you remember the aforementioned tips to deal with a dental emergency.

In the end, feel free to contact us if you face any dental emergency. Our expert dentists have tons of experience to handle any emergency dental situation. We can identify the root cause of your problem and offer tailored solutions for you. Our staff comes with years of emergency dental experience, and we can help you avoid these issues in the long run.