Pediatric Dentistry

Taking your adolescent or child to the dentist is as important as taking them to a physician. Just as you’d take him or her to their pediatrician each year for a yearly physical, you ought to also be taking them to our pediatric dentist in Shoreline two times per year for their semi-annual teeth cleaning and dental checkup.

You might be trying to figure out why you should take your youngster to a dental professional two times a year. Because after all, their smile is already beautiful. Here’s the simple answer: pediatric dentistry is critical to your youngster’s future and current oral health. Let us look into why pediatric dentistry is vital:

Routine Teeth Cleanings

Since kids, especially young ones, do not have the ability to appropriately care for themselves, they might not have the ability to floss or brush well. Even with your assistance, there might be specific areas that get missed. These spaces, unfortunately, are more susceptible to tooth decay because plaque might build up. If plaque isn’t disturbed, it might become a breeding ground for an accumulation of bacteria. Ultimately, it may cause cavity formation.

To keep that from occurring, our pediatric dentist will conduct teeth cleanings two times per year to extract excess tartar and plaque. Also, this decreases the risk of your youngster developing tooth decay and removes bacteria populations.

Easier Treatments

Some kids might be more cooperative than other ones while going to the dentist. But all kids, as well as their parents, have the desire to avoid invasive procedures. Routine appointments to the dentist ensure that possible issues are detected early in order for them to be treated a lot easier. For instance, the treatment of tooth decay is a lot easier once the treatment is placing a filling instead of doing a baby tooth root canal.

Develop Good Habits

Not only will consistent trips to our pediatric dentist benefit your son or daughter’s oral health, it’ll teach them healthy habits moving ahead. Pediatric dental professionals specialize in making dentistry as comfortable and fun as possible to give your child a positive experience at the dentist. It teaches them that dental care is a normal aspect of life and keeps them from developing dental anxiety. So, once they’re all grown up, they’ll continue on with those habits to sustain their own mouth health.

Prevents Anxiety at the Dentist

As aforementioned, our pediatric dentist has specialized training that enables him to develop a good dental experience for kids. After dental school, our pediatric dentist completed extra child development courses, as well as courses working with special needs kids. It allowed him to communicate with kids in an effective manner that kids understood and responded to. Our colorful office, caring nature, and positive approach to dentistry helps prevent your kiddo from developing anxiety while at the dentist.

There are compelling reasons why pediatric dentistry is so important, as you can plainly see. Not only does it improve your son or daughter’s oral health and prevent present problems from developing into future major problems, it teaches your kiddie positive dental habits. Plus, it frees them from the monster referred to as dental anxiety that a lot of patients experience. For those reasons, and more, you ought to ensure that you take your son or daughter to our Shoreline dentist at least two times per year.

Why Should You Pick a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentistry is the dentistry specialty focusing on the mouth health of youth. After finishing a 4-year curriculum at a dental school, 2 - 3 more years of strict training are needed to become a pediatric dental professional. This hands-on experience and specialized study program prepares them to meet the necessities of adolescents, children, and infants, which includes those who have special medical care needs.

We’re concerned about the overall medical care of your child. Good mouth health is a crucial aspect of overall health. Establishing our team as your youngster’s dental home gives us the chance to implement preventive health habits at the dentist that keep a youngster free from oral/dental disease. We concentrate on the treatment of, early detection of, and prevention of dental diseases and keep updated on the most recent advances in pediatric dentistry.

Pleasant trips to our dental clinic promote the establishment of confidence and trust in your kiddo that lasts a lifetime. Our aim, along with our team, includes helping all kids feel comfortable about going to the dentist and teaching them how to properly take care of their teeth. From our communication style to our special clinic designs, our primary concern is what’s best for your son or daughter.

4 things are needed for a cavity to form:

  • Time
  • Sugars or other carbs
  • Bacteria
  • A tooth

We’re able to share with you how you can make your teeth strong, keep bacteria from spreading into harmful colonies, know the role that time plays, and create healthy eating habits. Keep in mind, decay is an infection of a tooth. Making an appointment with us early on will help to avoid unnecessary dental treatment and cavities.

The pediatric community is continuously conducting research that develops new methods for preventing decay and other types of oral diseases. Research proves that adolescents or children who have bad oral health have poor social relationships, decreased performance in school, and less success later on in life. Kids who suffer discomfort from decayed teeth don’t have the ability to focus on schoolwork and are distracted.

Pediatric Dental Professionals Are Accommodating to Kids

To repeat: General practitioners have the equipment needed to take care of your child’s mouth health.

But: Pediatric dental clinics make the environment enjoyable, playful, and fun for kids. If your young one looks forward to playing on a slide, watching a movie, or wearing superhero goggles when at the dentist, they will be a lot more amenable to going.

Plus: Pediatric dental professionals better understand the anxieties and fears kids have. They create practices that make your kiddo feel comfortable and safe.

Pediatric dental pros prevent overwhelm by:

  • Utilizing kid-sized dental equipment
  • Presenting one tool or instrument at a time
  • Explaining how the instrument/tool helps him or her

Taking your adolescent or child to a dentist who concentrates on treating kids with their unique perspectives, challenges, and concerns will have a great impact all through their lives. Visiting the dentist ought to be something your kids look forward to. Picking a pediatric dentist gives your adolescent or child a positive dental experience from the initial interaction.

For more details on our pediatric dentistry in Shoreline, WA, feel free to contact the best Shoreline dentist, Dr. Yao and his team, today at 206.487.7800.