Teeth Whitening Shoreline Dentist

When it comes to brightening your beautiful smile, professional teeth whitening is frequently a reliable, secure, and efficient option. However, there are many elemental variables to consider, such as cost, your lifestyle patterns, and whether a thorough in-office therapy or a personalized take-home-tray is the preferable option.

Why Should You Consider Professional Teeth Whitening?

Are you thinking of whitening your teeth to brighten up a discolored smile? In-office, professional teeth whitening is currently the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure performed worldwide.

In-office whitening from a Shoreline dentist takes place in well-supervised settings, allowing for the safe, regulated, painless use of a relatively high concentration of bleaching gel, in contrast to home-use systems that combine low-dose bleaching chemicals. This form of teeth whitening process delivers the best and the most visible results right away.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

  • It yields the quickest outcomes.
  • In-office teeth whitening is among the safest methods of bleaching.
  • Due to thicker peroxide gels that don't seep into the teeth as much as earlier gels, gum, tooth sensitivity, and other downsides of in-office bleaching are more manageable.
  • The best Shoreline dentist can supervise the process, ensuring you are safe.

Disadvantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

  • The cost of in-office teeth whitening may be more than that of at-home procedures. In comparison to $400 for take-home bleaching trays and under $100 for over-the-counter bleaching trays or strips, the average cost is $650 for in-office professional teeth whitening.
  • The results may vary depending on variables, including age, genetics, and the type of discoloration visible.
  • Bleaching done in-house is not a long-term fix. Soon after treatment is over, stains start to build up again on the teeth. As a result, any dentist in Shoreline will advise using a lower-percentage bleach at home as a follow-up that may be applied to the teeth for extended lengths of time.

What Are the Differences Between In-Office Teeth Whitening and At-Home Options?

Your Shoreline dentist can whiten your teeth, so they get whiter more quickly. Compared to DIY kits, the bleaching solution is often more powerful. Additionally, the dentist may accelerate and intensify the teeth whitening process using heat, light, or a combination of the two. You can complete certain dental procedures in a single, two-hour session. Several 30- to 60-minute in-office visits are typically necessary to get the most pronounced effects, where teeth typically become three to eight shades whiter. In-office teeth whitening might cost anywhere between $500 and $1,000.

On the other hand, the results might not be as strong with at-home teeth whitening processes. Here are the topmost at-home options for you.

  • You can apply teeth whitening gels and strips straight to the teeth with a brush or a thin strip. Typically, these peroxide-based teeth whitening treatments must be used once or twice daily for 10 to 14 days. Results last four months or longer and might cost between $10 and $55.
  • You have to fill a mouth guard-like tray with a bleaching paste or gel that contains peroxide in systems that use trays to whiten teeth. Also, you have to apply it to the teeth for one to several hours per day for up to four weeks. Therefore, you may get a custom-fitted tray-based teeth whitening device from your Shoreline dentist or purchase one off the shelf. The price might be between $150 and $600.
  • Every toothpaste helps eliminate discoloration from teeth, and tooth whitening toothpaste is slightly abrasive. But in addition to bleaching ingredients, whitening toothpaste also includes chemicals or cleaning agents that help remove stains from teeth. The average tooth-whitening toothpaste costs less than $5 and whitens teeth by around one shade.

What Is the Process for Professional Teeth Whitening at Your Shoreline Dentist?

The best dentist in Shoreline generally follows a similar plan, but specifics may differ. The steps are often not difficult or painful. In addition, a lot of patients fall asleep or watch TV or a DVD while having surgery. Our staff will first place a cheek retractor in the mouth, revealing all of the teeth in the "esthetic zone" (teeth that are visible when you smile). We then paint the gum tissue with a liquid rubber dam or hardening glue to prevent any discomfort the bleaching gel brings. Moreover, we will treat the esthetic zone teeth for 15 to 30 minutes with a bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide. We will apply a fresh gel for a further 15 to 30 minutes after the bleaching gel has been suctioned off or rinsed off.

Some teeth-whitening procedures employ a strong light concentrated on the teeth and can start or speed up the bleaching process. We will inspect the teeth between gel treatments to see how thoroughly they have whitened and whether more bleaching is necessary. After receiving the final gel application, the patient rinses, and we measure the post-treatment color shift that occurs right afterward. Teeth whitening can range from two to three colors to eight shades (out of 16). Dehydration by the bleaching procedure contributes to the whitening effect by making the teeth appear whiter. The true color will become apparent after a few days.

Are You the Right Candidate for Professional Teeth Whitening?

Are you trying to decide if teeth whitening is the right move for you? Professional teeth whitening procedure could be for you if you want to go at least two shades lighter and don't want to try over-the-counter remedies or have already tried them and weren't very successful. Whether your whitening treatments provide the bright smile you desire depends on many variables. To begin with, whitening agents cannot remove plaque and tartar, and subjecting a tooth with a cavity or unprotected roots to the teeth whitening process may cause sensitivity and pain. Before receiving in-office whitening, you should consult a Shoreline dentist for an examination and expert cleaning.

Dr. Eric Yao's teeth whitening services are among the topmost options in the Shoreline area. Our dental staff can offer the best solutions for your teeth whitening requirements and ensure that the process is painless for you. Moreover, we can offer long-lasting results and tips to help you maintain your beautiful glowing smile.