Six Month Smiles

Do you have teeth that are overlapping or crooked? Perhaps there are unsightly gaps in between them? Not everybody had the chance to wear braces as children and adult orthodontics is one option.

Nowadays, adult orthodontics has become a far more popular choice amongst people who wish to straighten their smile in a way that is non-invasive and healthy. However, traditional orthodontic solutions can take 2 to 3 years, which is a very long time to wear braces and especially for anyone whose career may involve interactions with clients or customers. While it is far more common to see adults with braces, not everyone wants to explain in their treatment choice to others, which is why discreet solutions like Six Month Smiles can be such a good option.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Instead of metal brackets and wires, Six Month Smiles uses nearly invisible clear brackets attached to very thin tooth-colored wires. As the name suggests, many people will complete treatment within six months. Some may only need three months or so of treatment while others with more complicated problems to correct may take up to 9 months to straighten their teeth. The time required is far less than with traditional orthodontic options and the shorter period is reflected in the price, so it’s a more affordable choice too!

What Are Some of the Benefits of Choosing Six Month Smiles?

There are several important benefits in choosing Six Month Smiles smiles and which are listed below.

Treatment Is Discreet

Six Month Smiles braces are barely noticeable and especially by anybody who is very close to you or who is looking at you from a distance. The system uses discreet clear brackets which are attached to tooth-colored wires. There is no need for elastics.

Effective Treatment

Although clear removable aligners are popular, fixed braces are frequently the most effective method. They can be a far better choice for people who have more complicated orthodontic problems requiring correction because the brackets are optimally placed to provide extremely precise tooth movements. Our dentist, Dr. Eric Yao, can determine exactly how each tooth should move and can locate the bracket accordingly. The tooth-colored wires will power the brackets, using gentle forces to move the teeth efficiently.

Fast Treatment

For most people, the sheer speed of treatment is a huge advantage. This is because Six Month Smiles is designed to focus on teeth that show when you smile, cosmetically improving your appearance. The treatment plan focuses on reaching these specific goals rather than correcting more extensive bite problems affecting your back teeth and which are out of sight.

Improving Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

We live in an age when people are quite focused on appearance and place tremendous value on the way people look, and that includes their smile. When you know your teeth aren’t cosmetically perfect, it tends to make you feel more self-conscious, and often people will try to hide their teeth behind their hand whenever they smile or talk with others. With Six Month Smiles, you will no longer need to feel self-conscious about your appearance. Instead, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a smile that is beautiful and healthy.

Improved Dental Health

When your teeth are significantly crooked or overlapping, it can make it tricky to brush and floss them thoroughly. As a result, your risk of tooth decay and gum disease may increase. A straighter smile is far easier to maintain as brushing and flossing will be a breeze and teeth will be much easier to clean thoroughly. Improved dental health is probably not something that most people think about when considering adult orthodontics, but from a dentist’s point of view, it’s perhaps the most important reason.

What Is the Procedure for Six Month Smiles?

If you are thinking of having orthodontic treatment, contact us here at the office of Dr. Eric Yao to arrange a consultation. During your appointment, Dr. Yao can discuss the treatment with you and can examine your teeth and jaws to make sure you are a suitable candidate. The next stage is to carry out diagnostic tests that will include taking a dental impression of your teeth. We can frequently use a high-tech digital scanning machine to take dental impressions that are far more accurate than traditional tray impressions. Also, you won’t have to put up with a messy tray in your mouth, which is a huge bonus for anyone with a strong gag reflex.

All this diagnostic information is used to plan your treatment and to decide precisely where each bracket will be placed to provide an optimal outcome. One of the nice things about this treatment is that once it’s planned, the brackets are situated in bonding trays, ensuring each bracket is placed in the precise position determined in your treatment plan. This approach also ensures that the actual fitting appointment is shorter and smoother. Once the brackets and wires are in place, your teeth will start to move.

Initially, you may feel some mild and temporary discomfort for the first few days after the braces are fitted and perhaps after any adjustments, but these feelings should be minor. We can also talk to you about how to look after your braces during treatment. Because they are fixed, you will need to take care when cleaning around the brackets and wires but don’t worry as there are lots of tools to ensure this job is quite easy. You might also need to change your diet slightly as very hard, sticky or crunchy foods could damage your braces, but it’s only for a very short while!

You will need to visit Dr. Eric Yao’s office periodically during your treatment so we can make sure your teeth are moving as planned and can make any necessary adjustments. After your treatment is completed and you have a beautiful straight smile, you must wear retainers. Every type of orthodontic treatment requires retainers as otherwise, your teeth could shift back to the original positions. During orthodontic treatment, your teeth and tooth roots will move, and it takes a while for the bone to remodel around the tooth roots, ensuring your teeth are held firmly in their new positions. There are lots of retainer options available, and we can discuss the most suitable choice for your needs. Contact us today!