Dental Implants Shoreline

Until recently, the only alternatives for replacing a single missing tooth (or perhaps, more than one tooth) are a complete denture, a flipper denture, or a dental bridge. In worse cases, other patients decide to do away with dental interventions. These clients reject replacement and may eventually end up with a chain reaction of dental problems.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small titanium fasteners that substitute the root of an original tooth that is lost. Dental implants can be positioned at the upper or lower parts of the jaw and replace one or more lost teeth. Dental implants integrate with the bones and provide a strong attachment for the new tooth because titanium is compatible with the teeth.

A lost tooth brings significant challenges as you try to eat with your surrounding teeth. Your lost tooth impacts surrounding teeth because as you continue to bite on edibles, your surrounding teeth shift towards the gap left by the missing tooth. This challenge hurts the jawbone and can cause the jawbone to reduce in size since the root structure of the tooth is lost.

If the jawbone reduces in size, other teeth may protrude out of their groove and finally fall off. Moreover, shifting teeth are considerably more challenging to clean because plaque and tartar build up in the newly formed difficult-to-reach spaces, which can lead to gum diseases and tooth rot.

Implant dentistry provides the ideal alternative for a lost natural tooth. An implant replaces a missing tooth and restores the root of the tooth. Repairing the core of a tooth helps to prevent the bone loss that the lost tooth would have caused.

Benefits of Dental Implants

An implant looks almost identical to your normal tooth and conforms so well that friends would barely observe it as you talk and eat your meals. Moreover, when inserting implants, the dentist does not have to alter the surrounding teeth' placement. Hence, surrounding teeth will retain their toughness and stability.

Although dental implants have several benefits, most patients find implants enticing because they are permanent. Dental implants may last a lifetime if you carefully practice good oral hygiene and schedule frequent check-ups with our Shoreline dentist.

Dental implants do not require removal at bedtime, nor do they require sticky denture lotions or glue. Dental implants fix solidly, so eating is not painful, and the fear of having a slipping tooth is not preventing you from eating special meals.

Of the many options available today, a dental implant is one of the most aesthetically pleasing replacements for a lost tooth. Several clients claim that dental implants appear far more natural than dentures.

Why Dental Implants?

Many agree that implant dentistry constitutes one of the most fantastic tooth substitution solutions for patients. Implants are surgically inserted into the jawline, so implants provide exceptional firmness. Below are reasons to consider having dental implants.

Dental Health

The bone surrounding the tooth cavity loses minerals when you have a missing tooth. The jawbone needs a mechanical seal to sustain its minerals. Partials and dentures may not help you seal up minerals maximally. Meanwhile, dental implants are essential as they enhance maximal mineral protection and replacement.


The longevity of your dental implants should last for at least 20 years, or even longer, if you take good care of the implants and visit your dental expert regularly. In contrast, dental bridges or dentures may need repair after a decade or less.


Dentures may cause distress. After using dentures for some time, it becomes more challenging to get a perfect fit because instead of the denture wearing off, both the soft and hard tissue behind the denture erodes. Dental implants are the more pleasant choice because they are anchored in the mandible and apply no strain on the gums.


The primary data collection requirement for clients getting dental implant therapy is standard 172 of the American Dental Association standard. Our Shoreline implant dentistry implements this standard and other standards. As such, there are not many potential issues with dental implants. However, regardless of your dental replacement, you have to take some caution while using the dental replacement.


The beauty of implants has consistently improved from the first time of their use until now. Because implants fit into the crest of the jawbone, it allows for restorations under the gum line. As a result, the crown, which can be built and colored to resemble the neighboring teeth precisely, is the sole component seen from the exterior.

The Implant Procedure

The steps involved in the dental implant procedure include the following:

Early Examination

You will undergo a thorough assessment to identify if you are a good fit for a dental implant. At our dentist in Shoreline, we'll show you every step of the procedure using our cutting-edge 3-D imaging technology so you can see how your implant will appear and work from beginning to end.

Implant Fixation

Our best Shoreline dentist and our skilled dental implant team will carefully and expertly position dental implants using the most advanced technology through the implantation procedure. Our expert procedure will guarantee the most excellent long-term results and the finest grin!

Recovery Process

Our staff meticulously follows your recovery from when your implant is affixed until a few months after, when you can have a personalized restoration. So that you don't have any problems or worries, we prioritize honesty and are clear about every step of our process.

The Outcomes

Based on your unique dental situation, the outcome is that your individually designed implant and crown will have firm implantation. After your dental implant has been securely placed, your newfound smile will be permanent and genuine. Finally, you will receive post-implant dentistry care recommendations from our Shoreline dentist.

We Can Help You

The function of dental implants is to enable you to eat the meals you have been unable to eat and assist you in maintaining your jawbone tissue since your tooth is lost. Additionally, implants improve your appearance and speech.

With a dental implant, you can restore a missing tooth and act as if nothing has occurred. With our best Shoreline dentist, we provide complete dental implants and corrections underneath one roof and in a relaxed setting using the latest cutting-edge dental technologies.

Please contact our office to review your dental concerns and understand how to get your dentition back to its best beauty and efficiency.