Pediatric Dentist

Children necessitate special attention when it comes to their dental health. Proper care at the early stages of life provides healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) states that a child should visit a dentist as early as six months. You can wait for some teeth to erupt before going to the dentist, as the process begins when a baby is six months old.

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems that is witnessed in millions of children globally. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declares that more than 40% of children get tooth decay before kindergarten. However, we can help your kid with such irritable dental problems by examining the dental development early.

Disease Treatment and Prevention

Children are fragile, and their dental health needs attention from the beginning as their baby teeth start to erupt. Visiting a dentist at an early age will help your child diagnose any problem at an initial level. The growth of a healthy set of teeth relies on a wholesome diet and taking measures for gum protection. We will perform examinations to identify if your child needs specific dental treatment to avoid the disease in the long run.

The growth and development of every child differ, which can make some children petite and weaker than others. If your kid is weak, then there will also be problems in the eruption of healthy teeth. To prevent the severity of the dental problem, our dentist applies topical fluoride treatments or sealants on your kid's teeth.

Prevents Malocclusion and Bite Problems

Malocclusion is the most common dental problem often seen at the early stages of tooth eruption. This dental issue causes your child to suffer from poor bites while eating or chewing food. If it is not taken care of at the early stages, malocclusion can cause pain and disruption in jaws and gums. An expert dentist should monitor your baby within six months to 1 year of age to prevent such extreme dental difficulties and high costs of orthodontic treatments.

We provide a quick and painless bite adjustment procedure by thoroughly examining the problem. Our dental expert will ask your kid to bite down on Articulating Paper (a special paper created to analyze dental issues). Biting down on this paper with teeth leaves tinted marks on the teeth' position that helps with the further procedure. Our dentists thoroughly inspect the teeth eruption and install spacers to help control the tooth's growth in the proper spot.

Preventing Dental Injuries

Children love exploring everything they see, but their tiny little feet sometimes make them fall, which causes mouth injuries. Even minor damage can disrupt the gums and cause a problem in the growing teeth. You will never want to associate the first learning walk of your baby with an accident that left them with lifelong dental issues and to avoid that; a dentist can help you.

You can bring your child to us, and we will guide you with some functional suggestions for preventing accidents. If your kid is highly active, then you will need extra protection for them. To help you out, we will make your kid a custom mouth guard to avoid getting bruises if any mishap takes place.

Helps in Maintaining Dental Hygiene

One of the most critical aspects that can make or break your child's dental health is hygiene. As a parent, you can assist your kid in brushing teeth, but the aid of a professional dentist is required to improve your kid's getting on the "right track" of daily flossing and brushing.

Our experts will introduce your child to an exhilarating world of dental routine. Your youngster will learn all the basics to maintaining the health of their gums and teeth. Not only that, but we would also provide valuable advice on healthy dietary practices that improve nutrition and deter gum illness.

If you are worried about early childhood dental problems such as teething, thumb sucking, or teeth grinding, then visiting us will ease your life by getting the solutions that work.

Preventing Tooth Decay

One of the most major dental problems is tooth decay that should be taken care of at the early stages of life. The occurrence of bacteria begins as the food particles stay on gums and teeth, which leads to tooth decay. Our dental experts will help you identify the root cause of tooth decaying and guide you with specific prescriptions and handouts. Moreover, in more severe tooth decay predicaments, we will provide a sugar-free diet plan for your kid to keep the cavity away.

Tooth decay is considered a common problem, and many parents oversee the dangers of the disease. However, if left untreated, tooth decay can reach the tooth's pulpal (inner layer) to cause discomfort and pain, which is not bearable by any child.

Additionally, untreated tooth decay can weaken the teeth because the only medical treatment that works is tooth extraction. Reach us as early as you find out the problem to avoid your kid from going through extreme pain and procedures.

Your Child's Dental Health Matters

As the teething process starts, parents urge to search for the nearest dentists to help their kids with pain and discomfort. However, you should find out the best dentist as your baby enters six months of age to get guaranteed treatment. Children's tiny teeth demand extra care, and that is where our help arrives.

Bringing your child to the professional dentist will help them in developing healthier teeth for lifelong. The confidence and smile of your beloved baby are in your hands, so use your authority to make your little human away from tooth decay, malocclusion, dental injuries, and other serious problems.

Do not wait for your child to get older and scream with agony of tooth discomfort and take the aid of our dentists at the earliest. We are here to assist you with adequate knowledge and provide your kid with a beautiful smile.