All About Six Month Smiles

When one hears the term “six month smiles”, one might wonder what it means. Six Month Smiles is a subbranch of cosmetic dentistry and a more effective and quick alternative to the conventional braces that we're used to. It consists of tooth wires and brackets which match the color of the teeth and help straighten and close spaces in the teeth in very little time.

Six Month Smiles are more focused on the front set of teeth and in doing so they produce the least amount of pain for the patient and subsequently produce results quicker. Using this product would help you achieve your goal of having that perfect smile in no time at all. It won't just help in making your smile beautiful because as studies show, having a nice set of teeth will boost your overall confidence and will attract the attention of people all around you. They are also less expensive than your standard braces so this is another.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Six Month Smiles

As we know, even the best of innovations can have their downsides depending on how you use them or your body's adaptability. So, for the sake of this article, we'll be delving into some of the pros and cons of getting the Six Month Smiles.

Advantages of Six Month Smiles

1. Quick Results: The primary reason most people choose the Six Month Smiles is because they are guaranteed to see fast results. Results could be achieved in as early as four to six months of beginning treatment. The reason why they work so fast is because they only move the front set of your teeth unlike the conventional braces which move both the top and bottom sets and can take about a year or more to fully achieve results.

2. Cost Efficient: The Six Month Smiles are usually kept on for about six months compared to the one year of the conventional braces, that alone shows that you're going to spend less purchasing them. Also, users don't have to go to their dentist as often for tightening and adjustments as is the case for conventional braces. The reduced trips to the dentist and the reduced cost of adjustments definitely add up in the bottom line.

3. Comfortability: When you decide to do any form of orthodontic procedure there is some amount of discomfort involved. However, in the case of Six Month Smiles they only focus on your upper teeth since those are what show when you smile. That being the case, the wires are not placed on the bottom part of the teeth which in turn produces less discomfort compared to when they are placed on both upper and lower parts. The materials that make up the equipment are also light and less coarse, and this will reduce the friction and wear and tear on the teeth providing maximum comfort all around.

4. Conveniency: They offer speedy results and because of this they stay for a shorter time on the teeth. This is the key reason why users tend to prefer it to traditional braces. It quickly fixes the excess spaces in the teeth. If, for example, one has a function to attend in a couple of months, using these will ensure your teeth are in perfect shape before the day of the event.

5. Good Oral Hygiene: One major concern of people using the traditional braces is that they always find it difficult to properly clean them. This alone leaves the teeth susceptible to decay and other secondary infections. They tend to have a higher chance of getting cavities, inflamed and bleeding gums and of course bad breath. When using Six Month Smiles, you don't have to worry about that because you keep them on for a shorter amount of time and they are less dense than the conventional braces.

6. Treatment is Discreet: For those that use the conventional braces it tends to be very hard to hide the fact that you have them on because the materials used in making them are quite conspicuous. Users could feel out of place or embarrassed by them because of the amount of attention they get, and this can reduce self-esteem. Six Month Smiles on the other hand uses wires that are the same color as your teeth and therefore people might not even realize you've got them on. That being the case, users can smile and laugh at will without having to be too conscious of their braces.

7. Addresses Different Issues: The procedure to get Six Month Smiles is minimally invasive and it helps to address a large host of dental issues such as gaps in between the teeth, overcrowded teeth, underbites and overbites and unaligned teeth to list a few. They also help to boost the morale of a patient who used to have difficulties in smiling and laughing in public settings. The fact that they are so light, inconspicuous, and not really visible help in boosting overall confidence.

Disadvantages of Six Month Smiles

1. Results Aren't Always Positive: As discussed earlier, the instrument only addresses the upper part of the teeth, this means that it won't address the bottom teeth and thus the person's dentition could still be poor. Besides this, statistics have proven that it won't improve the patients bite, in fact it is said to even reduce and make the bite worse. Six-month orthodontics doesn't really address the bite of the patient, it focuses more on just straightening the teeth.

2. Possibly Time Consuming: Many times, patients aren't told about the limiting factors that come with the use of Six Month Smiles. This often causes their expectations to outweigh the real results. After the first time of doing the treatment, the best way to ensure more positive results is by repeating the procedure again. As people find out, this tends to cost a lot more and ends up taking up much of the person's time. In most cases patients undergo repeated forms of these treatments to get their dentition perfect. This is why some people just stick to the traditional braces which will take more time, but you'll only have to go through the process once.


Six Month Smiles is a fantastic innovation, and it has helped people all around the world attain their goals of getting the perfect smile and having the confidence to socialize even with braces on. It is primarily centered towards adults but because of its versatility young teenagers can also get their fit. It has been acknowledged and endorsed by many industries and companies including the American Dental Association (ADA). Although it might have some disadvantages here and there, the benefits of getting it greatly outweigh those disadvantages. It is definitely a revolutionary technology. If you’re looking for the best dentist in the Shoreline area, contact our office today – we can help you discover if Six Month Smiles is the right choice for you!